Monday, September 26, 2022

Maine payal hai chankai - the remake

Around the year 1999, Falguni (or is it Phalguni?) Pathak came up with a pretty "innocent" song "Maine Payal hai chhankai". In my opinion, if one were to label the genre of the song, it would be "Teenage crush and/or romance". Falguni also complemented it with a video, which talk about competition and added some spice of jealousy. 

This wasn't the first song from Falguni Pathak, that dealt with teenage crushes or romance. Sometime earlier than 1999, we were witness to a video song called "Choodi jo khanki", which starred Riya Sen, and perhaps told the story of young school girls living in a hostel and going for a night out. 

On a closer investigation, it can be seen that both these video songs were sung from the perspective of young teenage girls and were feminine but saved themselves from wielding sexuality. 

In 1999, however, there was a film named Pyar Koi Khel Nahi, with a rather weird storyline and an equally bizarre version of the song "Choodi jo khanki". 

I believe that this 1999 remake of "Choodi jo khanki" actually destroyed the innocence of the original, and in my opinion, spoiled the mood. Incidentally, the film version is also apparently sung by Falguni Pathak. 

It is in this light, that my argument lies. If one were to examine Neha Kakkar's version of the "Maine Payal hai Chhankai" song, one can observe that Neha Kakkar repeatedly used the "Vocal Fry" effect in the song, apparently in her effort to add sexuality. A similar effort for the song "Bichhua" (originally from Madhumati) was made in a video, where the singer was Sunidhi Chauhan, and the visuals showed a casanova. I believe Sunidhi supposedly made amends by singing different versions on Coke Studio

Incidentally, we are so enamoured by the innocence of the originals, that we find the remakes unpleasant or culturally shocking. Therefore, in the light of atrocious remakes by several singers in various videos, I find it difficult to accuse only Neha Kakkar for spoiling the original. 

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