Friday, December 03, 2010

The War Cry

It's a remarkable day in my life. It isn't if such remarkable days didn't happen earlier. But this one is unique.

The world has its incredible ways of judging people. Well, at least my part of the world does. The educational ecosystem is almost brimming with blooming busybodies called bootlickers and those who like to be bootlicked, and further those who have the guts to tell me "Hey look! I like that bootlicker!", and ask me, albeit indirectly, "Why don't you be like him?".

Could I say that bootlickers have always pissed me off? Oh yes, surely! Right from the beginning of my career, where a frequent boozer dared to berate me using my chivalry as an excuse, right till date, where a seemingly horrible chatterbox and research stalker tends to grab all the 'effin' attention.

If we try to write a how-to manual on methods of grabbing 'Effin' attention, one can easily produce a state-of-art. I am actually avoiding the risk, since I might just be violating some intellectual property rights because I haven't got the time to scan through the patent database. Still if there are any of those ways left, they can be summarised by saying "eat up all the 'effin' resources" that you can, while you are at it." Do so much of it, so the other guys are labelled failures to make the best of the resources, after all matrimonial websites and web-cams are cheap things to procure for most people.

I declare a war cry today on this 'rut' in places of higher education. A war cry far wilder than that of Harbhajan (see picture - courtesy CricInfo). So much so, that I would like to risk showing the person my third carpal bone on such dramatic and provocative occasions.