Monday, September 19, 2022

The four kinds of people

This world has four kinds of people: The gullible, the reasonable, the indifferent and the conspirators. Out of these four, the indifferent and the gullible are the largest in number. On the contrary, the reasonable and the conspirators are smaller in number. 

However, it is the gullible people who suffer the most in this deal, the reasonable ones are merely backstabbed or outnumbered. 

Take for example, a subset of the complete world, India. The Biodiversity rich lands of the north-east were full with people who worshipped the forests and preserved them as sacred. Little conspiring tribes from the far fetched isles and islands arrived in this lands and taught the gullible villagers that worshipping forests was a 'blasphemy', with prescribed punishments such as Hellfire. They invited them to join their tribe and be prosperous and promised rewards in heaven, sometimes even enjoyable sex after death. The end result, sheer disrespect for nature and the local lands. The voices of the rational beings who were a face in the crowd were suppressed again and again, by literally insulting the literature and the knowledge that had passed down the generations. 

Time and again, history keeps on repeating itself at various levels, macro as well as micro. The generations of so called peace loving tribes keep on insulting the mothers and sons who died for the country, some even refusing to carry the banner of the country. And the mere gullible people of the land keep on supporting such tomfoolery, in the name of openness and intellectuality, because the balance is tilting in the favour of some important people who care only for themselves. 

It is important that the scientific temper and ability to reason be restored in this country. Not by telling the countrymen that we were the innovators in everything, but the educating the people. Educating them should involve telling the people, that if they do not quit their gullibility, the country or land which was once theirs, would belong in the future to conspirators.

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