Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011: The year of silence

The reader might be puzzled owing to the title of the article. Each year, there is an experiment that I run on myself, regarding the terms that I would maintain with the people around. The ideas for these experiments often come from the experienced people. Some practices are successful and some, owing to the "human being" I am, fail.

The experiment this year was silence. There weren't many blogs this year, nor the despair and agony. Whims and egos were mostly responded through silence. Even some enquiries... Each year in my notes, I have been vocal about my achievements. This year, I choose to be silent about them. I will instead touch upon some of the remarkable incidents that happened this year.

Nirmali and Vivek decided to tie the knot this year and I seized the chance to travel to my home state Madhya Pradesh (not to the home town sadly). It was satisfying to taste the water and the food there. One could easily say "back to my mother's lap." It was also an opportunity for me to boast about the home state to friends who hailed from Bihar and Kerala, whom I had accompanied! Vivek, finally delivered his open seminar in the month of December and has left for his home town. Hope he will be reaching Tezpur pretty soon. May he find his "ideal industry" in 2012.

My friend and colleague Susham Biswas, finally defended his thesis. Finally relaxed, wasn't he? He left me with a question ... "When are you defending?"

The last bit of 2011 was a sad in the history of IIT Kanpur. People in the position of responsibility were blamed of being indulgent in their demanour, and some were found taking sides with their common sense gone for grazing the grass. People in the position of responsibility were found saying "I don't care what your feelings are!" I am reminded of Michael Jackson's song "They don't really care about us!" 2011 was a year, in which IIT Kanpur saw people threatening poor workers shivering with cold, that they would lose their jobs if they took broken twigs to warm up their homes.  

2011 taught that being angry and whimsical doesn't really help everytime, a suggestion that I recall to have given to one of my relatives, a year or two earlier. It also taught that criticism isn't the most welcome move for some people in this world, inspite of the fact that culturally, our country has earned its accolades and knowledge from being sceptical and curious. Often, in the absence of genuine arguments and logic, attributes like "Ghajni" and "Fatty" are easily earned.

The eve of the New Year was rainy ... and so was the first day of January. The celebrations of the New Year were dampened therefore. As this day passes, I hope wisdom, heath, health, happiness and sunshine spreads, in IIT Kanpur, India and the World in general.