Saturday, January 05, 2013

Milestones 2012

Last year, it was all about silence. This year, I would be talking about milestones. Milestones that have left indelible impressions on my mind.

This year, the months of June and December would be known as the milestone months for me. The fruit of eight years came out in the form of a 166 page document with a fair amount of pictures and YouTube videos. A presentation version of this document was screened in December thus receiving generally positive comments. This fruit took too long to ripen and yet, on the last day of this year, my mother called up and asked me if I was well. The contents of the conversation were sufficient to tell me that she was still proud of me. On the day of the presentation and after, I missed my father again and again, because he appears in my dreams every now and then, perhaps to wish me well and convey good luck for my studies and life in general. I would also take this opportunity to thank Professor Onkar Dikshit and Dr. Nandini Nilakantan who took most of my worries away by listening to me when I had to crib! Dr. Bharat Lohani, thank you for all you have done for me.

My friend Nilanjana had a baby boy this year. She named him “Rig” after the Rig Veda (oldest book on Hindu scriptures). Sarika, a common good friend, whom I met at Delhi (after 10 years) during a conference, perhaps appeared more excited about describing the baby than the mother herself.

Constructive criticism and politics for the welfare of the junta totally went missing from the Hall 4. The person, who had sacrificed 40 years of his family life for serving Hall 4 was shown the door. The demeanour meted out to him by the Chieftain of the ship was demeaning, hurtful and in bad taste. Shri S. N. Pradhan, lovingly known as Narayan dada, had to leave the Hall premises in “10 minutes” with tearful eyes. He was shifted by the administration to Hall 9. I am told that within a span of two months of his departure from Hall 4, the Dean of Students' Affairs of IIT Kanpur, met him personally and congratulated him for establishing a good accounting and recording system in Hall 9. This was also the first time when, an aspiring politician of Hall 4 remarked, “Sir, you are very idealistic. If you move away from your ideals, you could achieve a lot!” I thank the Almighty, if he exists, for giving me parents and teachers who taught me to stand my ground in the most adverse of circumstances.

The Bhagavad Gita inspires us to be bold and believe in actions without craving for the result to “benefit” the self. It is in the “Karma” we should believe in and there is where the excitement lies. I was never a great fan of new year resolutions. Sometimes we avoid things, thinking of the consequences. The teachings of the Bhagavad Gita have inspired me to change this characteristic. The Bhagavad Gita also teaches us about “skins” the soul wears from one life to another. One could easily extend this logic to memories from one phase to another. Memories should be let gone, for good, for shifting from one phase to another.

On that note, as I gear up for the life forward from this point, I wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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