Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Thus breaks my silence ...

Over the past year and a half, I have been maintaining an eerie silence, in terms of not expressing. The last 18 months were spent contemplating about people, observing them, interacting with them, noting their good points and of course learning from the bad ones. 

One can always talk a lot about how to be good, maybe one or two would quote from some religious literature, borrow from the ancient scriptures or refer me to some exposition on positive thinking. 

But alas! The Rhesus factor component in my blood is missing, and thus time and again, I have been forced to note those points, which I, as a person, would not like to have. 

People, in general, have this wonderful capability of fitting to a mould and likening other people to a certain stereotype. For example, some of the great stereotypes I have been hearing all my life are: Punjabis don't care for their women, they only know about money, bengalis are bloody cowards, Andhrites are the direct descendants from the monkeys mentioned in the Ramayana, Biharis have nothing better to do rather than sit and shit on the sides of their roads, and so on. I am, purposefully, not referring to any of the religions, because it might bring in a debate which of course is not relevant to this article. 

People, also in general, have this wonderful capability of "judgement". One can "judge" another one, without even meeting. One can "judge", whether someone is a criminal, just by listening to certain undocumented whispers, and one can judge by listening on the phone, that whether the interlocutor is drunk to the fill. The opposition to such judgements have no existence. A mere refusal to accept a judgement would be equivalent to the commitment of a blasphemy in pure semetic terms. "Thou shalt be whipped", they would exclaim, and would attempt in every way to make one's life miserable. 

In the book, "Don't be such a scientist", references were made to "gut feelings" and certain sexual inferences were drawn. It is a question I have often contemplated about. Do people judge other people by estimating how many wives one has? Do people base their opinions on other people by designing utopian fantasies and then believing in them? A gut feeling based opinion, in my experience, is rarely substantial. One would need an ample amount of experience in holding an "opinion" based on gut feelings. It would not be inappropriate to infer, based on the book by Randy Olson, that those reliably trusting gut feelings have nothing better to do than fondling their own selves between their legs. 

In the absence of pleasure from fondling, the next orgasmic activity that people rely on is make people's lives miserable. Such people love to "force" their decisions and beliefs on others. They wish to control who enters your house, what clothes you wear, what socks or underwear you like, what food you eat, with whom you interact, with whom you talk and so on. Perhaps on a later stage, they would also like to choose who you mate with (although the arranged marriages aren't any different). A mere refusal to comply with the ridiculousness is met with humongous attempts to victimise you in one way or the other, which might include (but not limited to), sending emails to female employees at 2:30 AM in the morning. It might include (but not limited to), writing about how unprofessional certain people are, even with their most constipated bowels, which makes them stay awake at 03:00 AM in the morning, farting away in bliss. Such people often believe that they have gone "mainstream", whereas all they have done is bullshit themselves. 

I would definitely not want such people in my life, and I aspire to meet better ones and learn from them.  

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