Friday, December 01, 2006

Crazy Kiya Re ...!

The Kanpur edition of the Times of India reports on the bottom of the first page, “Ash sizzles, Bacchans fuming?” ( The report was about the Hrithik – Aishwarya on-screen kiss in Dhoom2 that allegedly earned the displeasure of the “first family of Bollywood”. The background of the story is the hypothesis that Abhishek Bachchan is going to marry Aishwarya pretty soon. The report gives the following lines “...Abhishek was 'very, very upset' on seeing the finished product. The full impact hit him only when he saw it on screen, says the friend, and he made his objection clear to Ash....”. My question to the press is, if Abhishek really loved Ash, he should have had a confidence on her; and therefore a question of being annoyed at her does not arise. To add to the woes, this article was based on the comments of a supposedly close friend of the family.

“First family!” and my eyebrows went up! The early days of Indian cinema were dominated by the Kapoors. Starting right from Prithiviraj Kapoor, it has been four generations that have made the Indian cinema proud in the mainland and abroad. I have read innumerable reports about them and never were they called the first family! How come the Bachchans are the “first family” which is just two generations old by now? Why can't the families of Roshans' or the Khans' be the first family instead?

Jaya Bachchan is an exception, a lady who carries herself with extreme grace and reflects the rich bengali culture embedded within her. The same is displayed in all of her films which stereotyped her as mostly timid and sometimes exuberant roles. Her objection may be justified. Amitabh on the other hand, reflects the Uttar Pradesh culture, especially Allahabad, with literary richness. He is a man of the masses. However, we have often heard about him being involved with Parveen Babi and Bhanurekha Ganeshan (Rekha) and even seen scenes (on the big screen) where Amitabh was on the bed with the lady. This was post marriage. In a recent interview Amitabh said he had no objections to the fact the Abhishek was moving arround with the ladies, as his own mother had none when he himself was doing so. Amitabh objecting? Is he being too gender biased? A big surprise.

Abhishek, a ladies man. Hunk, slim and attractive. He knows how to dress, carry himself and impress people. Howver, we cannot forget your kissing scenes with Antara Mali in Naach, and with Rani Mukherjee in Yuva. I have not yet seen Dhoom2, but I was able to find the onscreen kiss on YouTube and was convinced that it was a mere brush of lips and not a kiss per se. Abshishek you are objecting too, et tu brute?

Aishwarya, who had previously been linked and involved with Salman Khan, Viveik Oberoi and now Abhishek is, according to the report, maintaining perfect silence and giving no clues to the press whatsoever. Yes, Aishwarya that is what we expected from you. You linked yourself with people at the top of their careers and left them when they were in the slump. I find myself pitying Abhishek Bacchan. Hritik on the other hand laughed it off and refused to comment.

The press succeeds to amuse me. It has begun speculating marriage and even tensions before marriage. In a recent report by the Kanpur Times (The Times of India supplement in the Kanpur edition), the astrologers have started saying that the couple is incompatible. Cheap Publicity for the astrologers? The couple recently performed Managala Arti in the Kashi Vishwanath temple. A secret marriage, they say, has been solemnised at the Sankatamochan (Hanumanji) temple! Puhleeeeeze ....! the press has to excercise some common sense, I guess.

Press ne crazy kar diya ghalib, varna hum bhi aadmi they kaam ke...!


Anonymous said...

some of your views are not correct.
first couple or first familyis referred to the president and wife of a country, or in other words the 'rulers' of a place.

Amitabh Bachchan's family IS ruling bollywood is a fact. So it is the first family all right.

going by your logic the first family should be adam and eve!

as for the scenes is concerned, it is a problem not woth amitabh bachcan or abhishek or whatever, the problem lies with the society.

when karishma kapoor first entered into films she did some scene in a bikini which triggered off the anger of the whle of the kapoor clan, who have been in the business for ages, and who have accepted other actresses into their family as wives and 'bahoos'.

so the problem lies more with societal norms rather than with a particular person.

as for the press, they have to earn their bread and butter. and those in the limelight better get used to it. especially those in the entertainment industry because of the nature of their work.

Suddhasheel Bharatiya GHOSH said...

It would not be proper/apt to say that the Big B family is the formal ruler of Bollywood, for that would be a pretty biased statement.

I agree with you that the problem lies with the society, but the press has a rather larger responsibility and I hope you would know that! :)

Neha said...

I don understand wats wrong with the genderation..... the press today enters into damn personal life of people so badly that they dont even give these celebs their rite to have sum privacy.......
As far as my point of view is concerned, th e case si a simple 1 , a societial ............ y is press pullin it with family issues and into the carecter of the heroine y do we ned to dig deep into ash's personal life, the so called perfect family or wat ever.

karthik said...

i completely agree with your views.